Power Electronics

This module will provide the student with an introduction to power semiconductor devices including power MOSFETS and IGBTs.  The module is designed to demonstrate the purpose of rectifiers, inverters and converters and their application in EV powertrains. A discussion of filters is also covered along with a comparison of isolated and non-isolated converters.  In addition, an introduction to troubleshooting power electronics devices and circuits is presented.

Learning Outcomes:

Upon completion of this module the student will be able to:

  • Define power electronics
  • Explain the difference between a FET and a BJT
  • List two main types of power transistors
  • Differentiate between enhancement and depletion mode
  • Describe the operation of an SCR
  • Compare inverters and converters
  • List three types of rectifiers
  • Explain the difference between a coupling and bypass capacitor
  • Describe the purpose of filters in power electronics circuits
  • Compare isolated and non-isolated converters
  • Name five types of converters
  • Troubleshoot diodes, rectifiers, and transistors
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