Batteries and Fuel Cells

This module provides an introduction to EV batteries and fuel cells and describes the three main types of batteries used in an EV.. The student will learn to calculate the internal resistance of a battery and explain the chemical composition of EV batteries and fuel cells. The module also covers the main components of a battery management system and describes standard protective measures and safety considerations for EV batteries.

Learning Outcomes:

Upon completion of this module the student will be able to:

  • Differentiate between calendar life, charge cycle, and cycle life
  • Define the term “battery capacity”
  • Explain the difference between SoH and SoC
  • Calculate the internal resistance of a battery
  • List the three main types of batteries used in EVs
  • Explain the purpose of a separator in a battery cell
  • Name three types of cathode materials in a lithium-ion battery
  • List five types of fuel cells
  • Describe the main components in a battery management system
  • Explain the difference between a relay and a contactor
  • Differentiate between a CMC and BMC
  • Name five protective measures for EV batteries
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